Expecting a Baby?

Choosing the right place to have your baby can be a tough decision.

Each of MultiCares six Family Birth Centers, located in the Puget Sound and Inland Northwest regions, provides expecting parents a safe, welcoming environment and compassionate, supportive staff.

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Bringing Back the House Call

MultiCare and Dispatch are ready to deliver in-person, advanced medical care to you at home.

Avoid unnecessary expenses and trips to the Emergency Department. Have one of our house call medical teams come care for you in the comfort of your home, office or other location.

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Were Here to Help

Medical bills arent always easy to figure out. Weve put together information to help you understand your bills and your bill paying options.

If youre concerned that you cant afford to pay for your health care, our financial assistance programs may be an option for you.

Understand your options

As a nonprofit health care system, MultiCare's mission is powered by generosity.

Giving to MultiCare

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